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Everyone here on this board try to give advice to the best of OUR own experiences with Herpes, We are not doctors, but we are knowledgeable, We do our best and hope that we Help.

Getting Informed Avoiding Infection Building Trust with Your Partner Community Q&A It's likely that you will date someone with herpes at some point in your life.

Herpes is common: about 90% of adults have been exposed to the HSV-1 virus, while roughly one in six people within the age range of 14-49 have genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 infection.

However, most people don't have symptoms, and may not even know they have herpes.

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Here are the Female to Male transmission rates If you have 100 couples where the female has HSV 2 but not the male (these figures are over a year) the odds of female to male transmission are if you do nothing other than avoid sex during an outbreak 4 men out of a 100 will get herpes in a year or 4% If you do go on a suppressive therapy then it drops to 2 men out of a 100 in a year or 2% and if you use suppressive and a condom the chances are 1 man out of a 100 will get herpes in one year or 1%.

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Look at it like the inside of of your cheek as compared with the outside of your cheek.. Angel, I disagree with your information on it being harder for a woman to attain herpes than a man.

Women have that wet damp area and hence are able to attain the virus easier than a man. I never said it was harder for a woman to get herpes then a man, but I suggest that you re-read what I had written..

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